The Cast

M - My loving and supportive wife.  Loving each other for more then 25 years now.  I'll do anything, make any compromise to keep her happy.

R and K - My two boys, both in their early twenties and just starting their lives.  I only hope we've given them the tools they need to be happy and fulfilled physically, mentally and in the careers.

K - My best friend.  She's the one that keeps me honest.  She never lies, doesn't let me get away with anything.  Our relationship is at best hard to describe. (I know, two 'K's well you just going to have to figure it out from the context!)

FF - My friends, mostly women in the neighborhood who I've know for some time.  We gossip and brag about or complain about the kids mostly.

H - My one and only customer, more like a boss then customer.  He doesn't know now knows of my struggles.

J - My good friend who works with me and travels around the country making our products work.

E - Estrogen and Sprio.  If you don't reconize the drugs then perhaps you're in the wrong place.