Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's "her's"

I've been living as woman for two years now, two really good years. I was and still am one of the lucky few. I have gone through this transition without losing anything or anyone. My life is truly better in all aspects.

My wife is still here, my relationship with my kids is stronger and better then ever before. My work is busier now then before my transition.

Everywhere I go, I'm not just treated as a woman but I'm perceived as one.  I am one.

So why this post?  Because there are still a few friends and acquaintances who still misgender me.  They don't do it on purpose and they do correct themselves or stumble through an apology of some sort. But, they still slip.  I try not to correct them, I try not to hear it, I try to let it go by.

But I do hear it, it does bother me.  After all this time it still triggers the dysphoria all over again. Is my hair a mess, maybe I shouldn't wear this outfit anymore, did my voice slip.  Or worse, maybe I'm kidding myself about passing, is everyone else just being nice?

As I wrote at the start of this post, I am one of the lucky few.  Everything about my life is better.  I just need to find a way to let those few 'his' and "he's" go and not let them trip me up. In the mean time I'm going to go return this shirt and fix my hair.

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